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Capitalizing on the full potential of a business can be both exciting and challenging. Frequently, however, business leaders find that they are so involved in their day-to-day operations that they are unable to step back and critically evaluate the direction in which the company is moving.

Getting side-tracked, bogged down, or failing to see the "big picture" can cause CEOs to lose their focus and stagnate.

Bill Spitz helps business executives reach their full potential, maximize profitability and return on their investment by acting as advisor, coach, mentor and sounding board . By bringing a new perspective to your business, and an "out of the box" approach to problem solving, Bill Spitz can help you identify, formulate and implement strategic plans, address personnel and management issues, and identify and evaluate new opportunities.

Wih experience spanning some 50 years, Bill Spitz has developed creative solutions to various business challenges and was a key player in a multi-million dollar roll-up and merger.

He works primarily with businesses in the one- to $20-million range. His knowledge of business, frank and direct mentoring approach, integrity and solid, unbiased advise, has helped numerous companies grow and prosper. He assists entrepreneurs to become better focused, less distracted, less stressed and more successful as both leaders and individuals.

Isn't it time you put Bill Spitz on your winning team? For an initial, one-hour, no charge visit, contact Bill at William J. Spitz & Associates, 713/552-9791.